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We love mountain biking and exploring! We particularly love natural technical trails and well built trail centre descents. We hate mud, endless climbs and descending on tarmac. So if you're like us you'll probably find this website useful. It aims to point you in the direction of good trail and help you avoid trail that isn't (specifically trail that the guidebooks and mags suggest is good, but isn't).

There's really four different types of route listed:

  • Trail centres have the car park shown and a link to the official trail map where available.
  • In areas with dense natural trails (the Peaks and around Hebden Bridge) each section is shown separately and you'll have to link them together depending on how long a route you want.
  • For other natural trail loops we've shown the best bits all on one map. Again and you can work out how to link them.
  • For areas with predominantly cheeky (i.e. illegal) trail we've just shown the car park and you'll need to go and find the trail yourself or find a local!

A few caveats to bear in mind. We live in Bedford and Cambridge so that's influenced where we've been riding, although we're lucky in that we've been able to ride in quite a lot of different places! The further away you get the less comprehensive the coverage is, though obviously we'll keep updating when we ride in new places. Sometimes we have bad days - it's too muddy, too slippy, raining, snowing, we've had mechanicals, we're in a bad mood, we had high expectations, we're not good enough to ride the trail well. And this might have influenced our opinion of the trail! Do let us know if you think we've got it wrong.

Get in touch at alisonhparker at gmail dot com (we haven't got round to writing a comment feature yet).

Happy riding

Love from
Alison (content writer and trail researcher) and Rich (the one with the real skills both on the bike and coding this website)

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