Culinary Notes


11: White Sauce

425 ml Milk, 40g butter, 20g flour.
Flavour with parsley stalks, bay leaf, mace, 10 black peppercorns.
Simmer up milk with flavourings, 5 min. Make roux and add strained milk slowly.

12: Hollandaise

For 2 people: 125 g butter, 2 eggs, 1 tsp white wine vinegar, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Reduce vinegar by half, add egg yolks, whisk in butter.

21: Pasta

1 egg and 100g flour serves 1 person.

26: Salmon mi cuit

500ml olive oil, 750ml corn oil, 2 star anise, 2 bay leaves, 3 vanilla beans, 20 peppercorns combined in a pan, heat to 60C for 1 hr then keep at room temp for 24hrs. Skin salmon and cook in oil at 35 to 40 C for 40 min. Accompany with horseradish, beetroot puree, lime mayonnaise etc.

29: Resting meat

Rest until core temperature drops to 50C. Rules of thumb are 20 mins per kg or 10 mins per 3cm thickness.

30: Tuiles

Lime: cream together 60g soft butter, 150g icing sugar, pinch of salt. Slowly add 30g lime juice, 1 egg white, beat until smooth. Add 40g plain flour.

Chill at least 1 hr. Cook 5 min at 180C on a greased teflon baking sheet. Cool 2 mins before removing with a spatula and shaping. Cook in small batches to give time to shape.

Plain: melt 55g butter, cool, add 2 egg whites lighted beaten, 100g sugar, 55g flour. Bake 5-7,oms at 190C

31: Porridge

1 cup oats to 1 cup milk plus half a cup water

32: Christmas puddings

Bigger puds need about 6 minutes, smaller ones 4. Don't forget to invert them and leave the bowl on while cooking, to keep the moisture in.


13: Asparagus

Boil or steam 3-5 mins. Grill pan with olive oil 5 min.

balsamic vinegar

15: Balsamic Glaze

Simmer down balsamic vinegar to about a quarter of initial volume. Add a bit of sugar (and perhaps a little butter) if needed. Test by dotting onto a plate.


2: Roasting beef

Preheat oven to 240 C. Roast for 20 mins, then turn down to 190. Continue to cook for 15 minutes per 450 g for rare, plus 15 minutes extra for medium-rare or 30 minutes extra for well-done.
Rest at least 30 mins.
Instant read temperatures: 60 for rare, 65 medium

4: Cooking steak

Bourdain Method
Heat butter until foam subsides.
Fry 2 mins each side or less
Cook at 190C 5-7 min for rare, 10 for medium-rare. Rest before serving

Thin steak needs 5 min for rate. 8 for medium-rare
Thicker steaks closer to 7min/10 min.

Reverse Sear
Season, slow cook on a rack at 93-135C, until 8C below desired temp - see below. Sear 45 sec each side in smoking oil.

Rare: 40°C aiming for 49°C, 20 to 25 mins; Medium-Rare 46°C aiming for 54°C, 25 to 30 mins; Medium: 52°C for 60°C, 30 to 35 mins; Medium-Well: 57°C for 66°C 35 to 40 mins. Timings approx for 1.5 inch steak in a 120C oven.

beef stock

5: Beef stock (Bourdain)

Wash bones in cold water and dry them. Place in lightly oiled roasting pan, no more than 2 layers deep. Can cheat by throwing on tomato puree and flour and mixing around. Roast at 170 C (no higher than 175, no lower than 140) for 50 mins, turning every 20.

Meanwhile assemble 50% onion, 25% carrot and 25% celery. Total volume up to a third of the bones. Peel carrots and onions, roughly chop veg. Roast in a separate pan until caramelised.

Put into a stockpot with cold water, time, whole black peppercorns, bay leaves. Bring nearly to a boil, simmer 8-10 hours, skimming occasionally. Strain.

Get red wine equal to quarter volume of stock. Add some chopped shallots. Reduce wine to half. Add stock and simmer. Reduce to thicken. Freeze cubes of the stuff.

19: Gravy

Take meat out of roasting tin, fry died veg - carrots, onions, celery to caramelise. Add 1 tbsp of flour per pint of stock, cook until light brown.
Deglaze with wine. Add stock whilst stirring.
Simmer. Add a splash of soy sauce or balsamic, herbs- bay or thyme.


27: Beetroot puree

Process a 340g jar of pickled beetroot with the pickling fluid. Wrap in muslin and strain out until very thick. Add 2tsp red wine vinegar. Chill.

bouquet garni

6: Bouquet garni

1 sprig flat parsley, 2 sprigs thyme, 1 bay leaf.


7: Baked camembert

Score around top and remove skin over top. Press in some finely sliced garlic and rosemary tips. Cook 15-20 mins at 180C

chicken breasts

16: Roasting chicken

The suggested temperature for poultry to reach before it is safe to consume is 74C

chicken stock

8: Chicken stock

2.5kg carcasses, 2 onions (peeled), 2 carrots (peeled), 5 cloves garlic, 1 leek, 3 sticks celery, 2 bay leaves, 2 sprigs thyme, 15 whole white peppercorns, 5 litres cold water.

Wash carcasses and remove excess fat. Place all ingredients in stockpot, bring to a simmer, skim, turn heat off and allow ingredients to sink.

Bring to a low simmer, then cook over very low heat (candle) 12 hours, skimming often. Strain. Bring to boil and reduce to 2 litres.


23: Tempering

Stir until it reaches 46C, then cool to 27C stirring. Rewarm to 32C

duck breasts

25: Cooking duck breasts

perfectly pink duck should have an internal temperature of 52C. Sear and roast at 200C, 10 mins. Rest for 5 mins.


17: Poaching eggs

Add a dash of vinegar to simmering water. Crack a fresh egg into a ramekin. Create a gentle whirlpool, put in the egg, white first, and cook 3 mins. Remove with slotted spoon, dry on kitchen roll and trim.

22: Clearing

To clear a stock, jelly etc: whites and crushed shells of 3 eggs for 2 pints liquid. Add, heat and whisk downward until steaming. Boil to raise crust two or three times then strain.

gammon steak

10: Cooking gammon

Grill or fry 5-6 min on each side

lemon oil

9: Lemon oil

Rind of 3 lemons, 1 stalk lemongrass, cut up, 250 ml grapeseed oil, 2 tbsp olive oil.

Food process everything until ring and lemongrass are 3mm thick. Leave to stand 2 days. Decant and store up to 2 months, preferably less.


1: Parmesan baskets

Grate parmesan using large holes on grater, making long gratings by using the long edge of the cheese. Sprinkle onto a non-stick baking tray in a circle using a template - a mortar provides a good size. Cook at 180-190 C for 8 mins.

Leave to cool for 30-60 seconds, lifting edges with a fish slice, invert over the end of the mold (pint glass works well) and carefully peel away.

pine nuts

14: Roasting pine nuts

Spread the nuts on a baking sheet and bake at 190 C, stirring occasionally, until golden-brown, 5 to 10 minutes. OR Put the nuts in a dry skillet and cook over medium-low heat, stirring frequently, until golden in spots, about 3 minutes.


3: Roast potatoes

Cut to roast potato sized pieces. Parboil for 10 mins, whilst heating roasting fat at 220 C.
Drain potatoes, shake pan to fluff edges. Put into hot fat, roast for 50mins.

18: Baked potato

Rub a bit of oil on, bake 20 mins at 200, then 45 mins to 1 hr at 170.

20: Fondant potatoes

Preheat oven to 200C. Slice potatoes in half to give a big surface. Season. Fry in a roasting tray in olive oil, adding thyme and butter. Turn when browned. Add chicken stock to not quite cover. Oven for 15 min at least. Check with knife.

28: Duchess potatoes

Make mashed potato with butter, double cream, egg yolk, nutmeg, seasoning. Pipe mounds with a star nozzle onto a buttered baking tray. Bake 15 to 20 min at 200C.

red peppers

24: Red pepper sauce

Blacken and grill 2 red peppers. Process with a seeded chili and 1 tbsp olive oil. Sieve. Works well with goats cheese on toast.