Beef fillet, confit shallots, sauté potatoes, peppercorn sauce

Serves: 4 (scaled from 4)


12 shallot
20 ml white wine
2 carrot
12 new potatoes
1 sprig thyme
250 ml double cream
100 ml beef stock
300 g parsnips
1 leaf bay
4 beef fillet
1 tsp green peppercorns
1 courgette


Parsnip crisps
Peel a third of the parsnips then use peeler to create long strips. Preheat veg oil to 180 C (130 seems fine). Deep fry until golden and season with salt. Place on kitchen towel.

Confit shallots
Peel, cover with olive oil, add bay and thyme, low heat for 30 mins, reheat when needed,

Parsnip puree
Dice remaining parsnips, boil until soft, drain, add 150 ml cream, cook for few mins, drain reserving cream, puree in blender or sieve, add cream as needed and season.

Boil until tender, drain, saute until golden

Add white wine to peppercorns, reduce to almost dry, add stock and reduce by half. Add 100ml cream and reduce to sauce consistency.

Reverse sear: Season, cook on rack 93-135C until temp is 46C, sear.

Carrots and courgette
Peel carrots and use peeler to make strips. Ball courgettes. Boil until tender.


Parsnips are about 100g each

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