Lemon Tart

Serves: 8 (scaled from 8)


480 g butter
18 egg
250 g flour
5 lemons
300 g caster sugar
75 g icing sugar


Combine flour, icing sugar and 180g butter in a food processor to make fine breadcrumbs. Add 2 egg yolks, run 10 secs to combine. Make into a dough by hand and rest in fridge 1hr.

Roll out on flour dusted surface, press into tart tin, rest in fridge 30 min.

Blind bake at 180 lined with paper and with beans 15 to 20 mins, remove paper and beans and bake 5 mins more, brush with beaten egg wash and bake for final 5 mins.

Zest lemons, juice and keep 150ml of the juice. Combine zest with juice, 300g butter and caster sugar in a pan. Melt together. Whisk 6 eggs and 9 yolks in a bowl then add to the pan. Stir until mix reaches 75C. Let sit off heat for 3 mins before adding to pastry case.

Finishing off
Cover edges of tart with a foil ring and grill to lightly char the surface of the filling. Set in fridge for 2 hrs.


Requires a 26cm tart tin.

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