Roast beef (Willow Barn style)

Serves: 4 (scaled from 4)


4 large carrot
4 big maris piper potatoes
1 large egg
4 medium parsnips
1 kg beef silverside
4.5 tbsp plain flour
0 milk
0 gravy powder


Aiming for 14:00..... 11:00: Peel and cut potatoes, keep fresh in water. Peel carrot, cut into batons, keep in water. Same for parsnips. Put joint into roasting dish 11:30: Beef in at 200 C Combine flour, egg and enough milk to achieve consistency of thick cream - runs off fork and forms brief ribbons. Combine 0.1 l gravy powder with 0.5 l hot water, mix. 13:00 Check the meat, drain some juice into gravy. Stab - blood should run. Place in top oven at 220 C. Set main oven to 240 C (max). Put beef dripping into potato pan, place in oven. Parboil potatoes 10 mins with oil, salt. 13:10 drain potatoes, reserving water. Shake vigourously and let dry. Place in fat, turn to cover. Also add vegetables - place fat on top. 13:25 add 350 ml potato water to gravy, heat, stir. Add more water if thickens. Keep at low simmer. 13:30: check meat - if juices run clear, turn down - to 140 or even 100 C. Place oiled yorkshire tin (180 mm) in oven. Turn potatoes an
d veg 13:40 Yorkshire in at 200 C 14:00 turn veg and potatoes 14:05 serve


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