Boeuf Borguignon

Serves: 6 (scaled from 6)


6 carrot
56 ml olive oil
4 onions
1 bouquet garni
0 chopped parsley
1 clove garlic
900 g beef paleron or shoulder, neck
28 g flour
225 ml red wine


Cut beef to 4cm pieces. Thinly slice onions. Cut carrot to inch pieces. Brown meat in oil in batches in a casserole. Fry onions 10 mins, sprinkle flour over and cook for 10 mins more. Add red wine, scraping fond. Bring to boil. Return meat to pot with carrots, garlic, bouquet garni and just enough water to cover 3 parts liquid to 2 parts meat. Bring to boil then simmer 2 hours, stirring and skimming every 15 min.


Wine would ideally be burgundy! Bouquet garni - parsley, thyme, bay leaves.

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