Stuffed chicken breast wrapped in Bacon

Serves: 1 (scaled from 1)


1 litre chicken stock
1 sprig tarragon
4 carrot
100 g butter
3 rashers bacon
100 ml double cream
0.3 red peppers
0.3 stick celery
1 chicken breasts
1 birds eye chilli
0.3 garlic flavoured boursin
250 g spinach
125 g puy lentils
0 nutmeg
0 tandoori spices
1 pinch saffron


Stuffing: Melt 25g butter, fry pepper, celery 2 mins, cool and allow to coagulate Chicken: Trim fat from bacon, form a wrap, dot boursin and cover with spinach. butterfly chicken, stuff with stuffing and wrap. Place in tin with olive oil, roast 30 mins at 200 C Lentils: Boil in 500 ml stock, pinch nutmeg and tandoori slices, 40 min Carrots: Boil, drain, toss with 75g butter, season Spinach: Finely chop, sweat with a little water, nutmeg, tandoori spices 4 mins Sauce: Reduce 500 ml stock to a quarter. Add cream, saffron, tarragon, simmer 7 mins.


Quantities are for one chicken breast, but sauce and veg will serve more - might be best with 1 breast between 2??

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