Seared Tuna with lemon grass, lime and coriander

Serves: 2 (scaled from 2)


50 ml honey
50 ml soy sauce
1 bunch coriander
2 lime
4 tbsp olive oil
50 g butter
20 g sugar
2 140g pieces tuna
2 stalks lemon grass
25 g sesame seeds


Puree lemon grass, coriander stalks, lime zest, olive oil. Put onto tuna and roll into clingfilm to marinade in fridge, 1hr. Cook soy sauce and honey for a minute, add sesame seeds (toasted), keep warm. Melt butter, add marinade, whisk. When ready to serve, remove from heat, add lime juice and sugar. Sear tuna, serve with sauces, shitake risotto, stir fry veg.


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