Onion soup Les Halles

Serves: 8 (scaled from 8)


2.2 l chicken stock
0 salt
168 g butter
8 large onions
56 ml port
56 ml balsamic vinegar
112 g bacon
1 bouquet garni
0 pepper
0 baguette
340 g gruyere


Thinly slice onions. Heat butter to melt and brown, fry onions about 20 mins until soft and evenly brown. Fry in diced bacon. Stir in port and vinegar to deglaze. Add chicken stock, bouquet garni. Bring to a boil then simmer 45 mins to 1 hr, skimming foam. Croutons, slice baguettes, toast in oven with a little olive oil, cover with grated gruyere, ideally grill in the soup.


12 small onions if large not available. Beef stock works too. Replace bouquet garni with bay leaves, parsley, thyme.

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