Barbary duck, vanilla-lime mash and jus

Serves: 6 (scaled from 6)


6 duck breasts
0.5 tsp peppercorns
25 ml vanilla extract
25 g carrot
2 star anise
8 cloves
3 lime
4 tsp olive oil
105 g butter
25 g onions
25 ml port
300 g potatoes
0.1 sprig thyme
125 ml double cream
0.2 cloves garlic
15 g celery
25 ml brandy
4 large parsnips
75 ml red wine
200 g spinach
0.5 tsp cumin
3 beans vanilla
25 ml corn oil
25 g leek
0.1 leaves bay
2 tsp armagnac
250 ml lamb jus
1 tbsp five spice


Mirepoix (day before) Cut carrots, onions, leeks, celery to 2.5cm dice. Combine with sliced garlic, thyme and bay

Sauce (day before) Cut vanilla beans lengthways, scrape out seeds, retain seeds. Heat oil, cook mirepoix until soft and light brown. Add vanilla beans, cook 2 to 3 mins to extract flavour Add all liquors and bring to boil, stirring. Pour in lamb jus and simmer 45 mins Add vanilla extract and strain sauce. Wash beans and retain. Add half vanilla seeds to sauce (retain rest), whisk to disperse. Cut vanilla beans lengthways, leave to dry in a warm place overnight. Refrigerate sauce.

Duck spice (day before) Duck spice is made from 1 tbsp five spice powder, 2 star anise, 0.5 tsp ground cumin, 8 cloves, 0.5 tsp black peppercorns. Heat in a dry pan, stir until fragrant, grind to powder.

Potato puree (2hrs ahead) Cover potatoes with cold salted water. Bring to simmer, cook 20-25mins. Meanwhile,
simmer cream to reduce in volume by two thirds. Add 10g butter (for 125ml cream), whisk to an emulsion. Drain potatoes, return to pan to dry out. Puree and season. Add cream and rest of vanilla seeds. Fold in. Store at room temperature.

Lime segments (2 hrs ahead) Cut limes into segments. Store in fridge

Duck (1 hr ahead) Trim breasts to remove sinew and excess fat. Score fat at 3mm spacing. Season with duck spice generously- use as you would pepper. Cover and place in fridge.

Parsnips (ahead) Slice into batons of 9x1 cm

Completion Warm mash and sauce. Prep saucepan for spinach. Heat heavy based pan over medium heat, place breast in fat side down to render and create cooking fluid. Cook for 10-12 min turning occasionally. Skin turns golden brown. Rest 5-6 mins. Put olive oil in pan, add parsnips, cook until slightly brown. Add 75g butter (for 4 parsnips), foam and brown. Cook 8-10 mins until soft to touch. Add lime segment
s half and half to mash and sauce. In another pan, wilt spinach in 20g butter (200g spinach), season.

Plate Put warmed mash in piping bag, pipe a mound, add vanilla pods to top Place a thin line of spinach down one side of plate Slice duck diagonally into 2 and cross on plate


Use Marris Piper potatoes. Important to get natural vanilla extract.

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