Serves: 4 (scaled from 4)


84 ml olive oil
28 ml balsamic vinegar
900 g potatoes
225 g olives
14 g thyme
225 ml double cream
1 yolk egg
2 tbsp parsley
112 g goats cheese


Boil potatoes 20 mins, cube. Add olives (ideally pre-pitted and chopped!), thyme, 56ml olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper and toss together. Bring double cream to boil, reduce by half. Beat egg yolk, add hot cream whilst whisking constantly. All all but 4 tbsp to the potatoes. Combine parsley, olive oil, salt, pepper as a dressing. ASSEMBLE using 7cm rings: shape potatoes into cylinders, top with goats cheese medallion, spoon 1 tbsp cream mix onto each. Grill until the glaze browns. Dress to serve.


Ideally soft goats cheese in rounds

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