Authentic carbonara

Serves: 1 (scaled from 1)


0.5 onions
2 rashers bacon
3 egg
100 g flour
1 qty parmesan


Make pasta with the flour and a third of the eggs. Leave to rest for 30 min.
Chop bacon and onion, separate remaining eggs and discard whites.
Roll and cut the pasta - use lots of flour and trim to length before cutting to prevent sticking.
Prepare a pan of boiling water
Fry bacon, add onion, boil pasta 1 to 2 mins. Let frying pan cool.
Drain pasta, add to other ingredients, add egg yolks whisked and a bit of the pasta water.
Stir together, add parmesan, black pepper, drizzle of olive oil.


Based on Monica Galettis demo on Masterchef. Pancetta would be ideal instead of bacon. Purists would omit the onion. Garlic might be a good addition.

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