Choc mousse towers

Serves: 8 (scaled from 8)


375 ml double cream
250 g chocolate
3 tbsp icing sugar
375 g white chocolate
300 g blueberries
500 g raspberries
30 ml kirsch


Melt and temper chocolate. Spread onto strips of greaseproof paper and cut to 6cm rounds as cooling. Do not cool in fridge. Peel the rounds away when cold.

Heat half the cream, use to melt white choc. Whip the rest and fold into cooled mixture. Chill for 30 mins.

Make coulis with raspberries, kirsch and icing sugar.

Pipe a circle of blobs onto a base using a star nozzle. Build a tower 3 discs high, adding the blueberries in the centre. Add blueberry on a piped blob on the top. Chill.

Serve towers on the coulis with remaining blueberries.


More chocolate (perhaps 3-4x as much) required to make the rounds easily if spread thick.

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