Lofoten is a stunning place for a sea kayaking holiday. It's a long way from the UK, but well worth it - think huge granite mountains plunging straight into the sea and endless archipeligos of islands to explore and camp on. If you need any convincing, have a look at Jen's photos.

I found it quite challenging to find information for trip planning, so I thought it would be useful to collate the useful sources here. I do hope you find it useful. Do get in touch (rbownATcantabDOTnet) if you've got any questions.

High and low tide occurs at approximately the same time in the area and just a few minutes later than in Bodo. Mean difference between spring HW and LW in Bodo and Kabelvag are respectively 251 cm and 250 cm.

Bodo is the main reference port for all the tidal data from the Norweigan pilot. At Bodo: MHWS=282cm, MLWS=46cm, MHWN=221cm, MLWN=107cm. The Admiralty pilot uses Narvik

Volume 5 of the Norwegian Pilot (Den Norske Los) is freely availiable, but hard work to read - it's in norweigan and contains loads of information not relevant to sea kayakers. I've extracted the useful stuff here

Useful links:
Andy Waddington's blog
Original source of maps used here - detail is impressive
Excellent notes on potential camping spots

VHF weather info - not that we ever got a good enough signal!

Below you'll find an overview map of Lofoten, and links to maps that can be printed to a sensible size for a kayak deck. For some reason, the maps need a bit of a 'jiggle' left and right to get the grid to work properly. The printouts work best if you scale them for printing to ~59%. There's also the key tidal stream diagrams for the Moskenstraumen and Vaeroy, and an overview map which can serve as an index for the others or a route planner.

Overview map
Moskenstraumen tidal streams
Vaeroy tidal streams
Map tile 1
Map tile 2
Map tile 3
Map tile 4
Map tile 5
Map tile 6
Map tile 7
Map tile 8
Map tile 9
Map tile 10
Map tile 11
Map tile 12
Map tile 13
Map tile 14
Map tile 15
Map tile 16
Map tile 17
Map tile 18
Map tile 19
Map tile 20
Map tile 21
Map tile 22
Map tile 23
Map tile 24
Map tile 25
Map tile 26
Map tile 27
Map tile 28