Rocks and roots

Firetower Trail

Note, this trail is only getting this classification because it is currently closed. Lots of websites fail to mention this fact (or maybe that's just my incomptent googling) and none say when it will reopen. There's nothing at the trailhead either. So do check thoroughly that it's open (maybe here?) before you head here as you will probably be making quite a long journey to get here!

The lower sections looks like they are in the middle of a resurface and I think they will become quite flowy. The upper sections are still open but are not being ridden much and are quite overgrown (and at one point you have to carry your bike over a felled section). There's a fun slick rock section at the very summit - though the ups are a lot harder than the downs. There's also some fun steep roll-ins on the descent from here. Murder Hill is a climb which lives up to it's name! The Water Splash tipped three of us off into the water and gave the fourth a puncture!

Rating: 1, "Terrible route - avoid!".
Added: 2014-04-27 , Last updated: 2014-04-27
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