Rocks and roots

Rhossili Down

This was the best bit of the loop by a long way (most of the other bridleways juts seemed to be farmland doubletrack). The views from the top are stunning and it would be a worthwhile ride for them alone. The Down is riddled with trails, and was also quite busy the day we rode it. So we ended up on a different trail which I've tried to show. It was lovely technical singletrack all the way to the bottom! Some of the bridleways on the east side (e.g. just NE of White Moor) are non-existent on the ground and there were some notices indicating they're been removed entirely. Subsequent research suggests that continuing NE from here would make a better loop.

Rating: 2, "Worth a ride if you are in the area".
Added: 2014-05-11 , Last updated: 2014-05-11
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