Rocks and roots

Friston Forest

Friston has an 11km waymarked red route, starting at the marked car park. After the initial climb, which involves carrying your bike over a wall - or an enormous bunnyhop, I suppose - the first descent is probably the hardest on the route with an awkward rooty corner followed by an off camber trail. The second isn't much easier. The rest is almost all doubletrack until the final descent which is again off camber. I think better trails are built by local riders. We enjoyed Snow Run and Final Descent. We rode it in the wet which was quite slippery. It's fine if you're happy to skid your back wheel and terrifying if you aren't.

A word about bike hire, since we rode with friends who hired. The "mountain bikes" have rim brakes and at least one had very poorly adjusted gears. They're being hired out at rates I'd associate with much better quality bikes and there was no discount offered for the poor maintenance. Avoid if possible.

Rating: 2, "Worth a ride if you are in the area".
Added: 2015-03-30 , Last updated: 2015-03-30
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