Rocks and roots

Antur Stiniog

Great riding, van uplift works efficiently.

There's a warm up trail in the car park which is smooth berms and jumps - there's no trail like this on the hill......

To go through the trails one by one:
Jympar - graded red/blue, it's probably equivalent to trail centre red: some trail features including rock gardens.
Drafft - basically harder sections off the blue/Jympar. The first two are fine, the third section is loose and steep and probably isnl't meant to be rolled.
Scrubadub - a very steep corner that leads into Wildcart.
Wildcart - bit harder than Drafft, some wet, loose bits near the bottom.
Powdur Du - bit harder again. Don't even consider braking on the roll down from the bridge.
Y Du - Rich reports that it is mostly doable but has some silly features.

There's a cafe on site, the bike shop is limited to emergency spares.

Rating: 3, "Good riding, worth travelling to".
Added: 2016-12-30 , Last updated: 2016-12-30
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