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Bike Park Wales

Bike Park Wales
has a phenomenal reputation and deservedly so. A huge range of trails from easy blues upwards. An efficient uplift! The only problem is you need to book way in advance - passes are released 3 months in advance and cost £36 at weekends. You can buy a pass on the day: £27 gets you entry to the park and 5 uplifts. There are two queues and the advance pass people get priority. Practically, the "on the day" pass people seemed to get on either the first or second uplift bus, the main disadvantage is the cost as you'll probably want to buy more uplifts than 5. We managed 7, despite a lot of faff and sunset at 4pm!

To get from the car park/cafe to the uplift you have to ride Norkle - a few hundred metres long downhill trail - great fun but it is a proper trail so make sure you're concentrating. The trails finish either at the cafe, at the uplift or further down the road. Watch out for the latter as it's a bit of a ride back up!

Trails, one by one, in difficulty order.
Melted welly - easy, smooth blue.
Blue Belle - ditto
Bushwhacker - ditto
Sixtapod - bit harder
Willy waver - awesome name but it's still definitley blue as long as you're can keep your speed under control.
Locomotion - maybe slightly steeper than the blues.
Wibbly Wobbly - bit harder than the blues but not too much.
Rim Dinger - some technical rock sections.
Vicious Valley - tight and technical
Hot Stepper - enjoyable technical singletrck, drops and corners, not everything rolls, but there's chicken lines.
Bonneyville - ditto
Insufficient Funds - awesome if you're happy jumping up to 2ft step downs, don't bother if not as there are no chicken lines.
Deep Navigation - awkward rock garden (says Rich)

The cafe is pretty good and didn't have a huge queue despite everyone stopping for lunch at the same time (the drivers get their lunchbreak at 1pm). The bike shop is pretty big too.

Rating: 4, "Among the best riding in the UK".
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