Rocks and roots

Glen Sligachan

The Sligachan circuit on Skye often pops up in "best routes in Scotland" features, but inspection of the map suggests a long day with lots of road, and further research suggests a lot of bog too. Also, it was a really minging day, so we went to the distillery instead. However, on the way back it looked like it was brightening up so we rode up Glen Slig to Loch na Creitheach and back again. You'll notice there's barely any ascent, but do not fear - this will be the most fun flat bit of mountain biking you will ever do. The path does undulate a bit, so there's constant mini sized techy climbs and descents, which obviously become the opposite on the way back. And plenty of drainage bars, but once you get confident about popping oveer them it's ok. It doesn't have the satisfaction of a big mountain day, but once the Sligachan Hotel disappears round the corner it feels very remote!

Rating: 4, "Among the best riding in the UK".
Added: 2014-01-26 , Last updated: 2014-02-18
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