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Arran - Whiting Bay to Lamlash


Arran Bike Club published a series of routes on Arran which currently seem to be offline. This route is a variation on their "Classic" Route. We cheated with a shuttle so started at South Kiscadale and cycled into point 7. From here you pretty much cycle the famous Glenashdale Falls walk backwards (with occasional route finding difficulites as all the signs point the other way.....) It is pleasant with not much technical challenge. The waterfall is very impressive though - a huge drop and now a great viewing platform too! After climbing up to Giants Graves (point 10) you then follow the forest road around the hillside to the start of the singletrack (point 12). The singletrack isn't so much constructed as simply waymarked. So it doesn't quite flow under the wheels properly and we had moments of wondering whether this was what we'd come all this way for. After scooting back through Lamlash you can then do a pleasant singletrack climb up to point 18 - they've made a path by the side of the raod that just feels far enough away to feel remote. I then followed the forest track to point 4. Note this track has now extended so the road end is not a good navigational point! It's very scenic with views over the Holy Isle. However, the descent is a vague trail that is good fun but not awesome and reaches the road quite quickly to descend on tarmac.

Rating: 2, "Worth a ride if you are in the area".
Added: 2014-01-26 , Last updated: 2015-03-30
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