Rocks and roots


Just realised I've not posted about Stainburn at all. There are three short trails at Stainburn.

There's some short but entertaining trails at Stainburn.

The red is nice and varied, if a little short (only 2km).

The "descent line" seems to be graded blue on the map above but is definitley harder than the red. You can reach it from the top of the red climb or by riding along the road. Again lot of obstacles and small berms etc. The push back up to the car from the bottom is particuallry brutal however and always demotivates us for repeat attempts.

The Black is totally mental and on a par with the blacks at Golspie and Laggan. Expect lots of hard obstacles, inspection, wishing you had more armour/bravado etc. That applies for both the climbs and descents! Having said that it's usually quite quiet as it's too fiddly for the downhill boys and probably beyond the average XC rider. So you can session stuff without worrying about being mown down.

Rating: 3, "Good riding, worth travelling to".
Added: 2014-02-05 , Last updated: 2014-02-18
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