Rocks and roots

Chapel Gate

Formally one of the most technical descents in the Peak district, now bulldozed into trivial doubletrack. I did eventually get hold of the PDNP access officer who told me this was in response to a large number of complaints about its deteriorating surface (which ironically made it fun for bikers). He was pretty reasonable actually so I was eventually pacified. And he said their budget has now run out so no more will be destroyed (I had seen other bits of pieces of improvements, though non affecting anything important so far...) It does now mean an end to the argument of which way round to do the Jacob’s Ladder-Roych Clough route – down Jacob’s ladder is definitely better as there’s now no fun to be had going down Chapel Gate (in fact, you could probably ascend this way if you wanted to avoid the boggy Lord’s Seat way).

Rating: 1, "Terrible route - avoid!".
Added: 2014-03-15 , Last updated: 2014-03-15
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