Rocks and roots

Moray Monster

Moray Monster is a bit of a disappointment. We rode two of the blue routes with some friends - Godzilla - which had a disappointing amount of fireroad descent, and Dragon's Trail, which was much better - more flowy with berms and genrle table tops. Then we went to find Pink Fluffy Bunny Rabbits which is graded orange/extreme. We approached it with caution, but in reality there were two big jumps (which were obvious and avoidable) and the rest were all rollable. After being cautious on our first go, we pushed up Mast Blast (didn't ride it but it looked very easy) for a second go.

There's also a black route - The Gully Monster - which is not that hard, but is remarkably exposed, being sited almost entirely on the steep slope of a gully. If you don't mind the feeling that there's nothing at all to one side of the trial, it's quite entertaining.

Rating: 2, "Worth a ride if you are in the area".
Added: 2014-03-15 , Last updated: 2014-03-15
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