Rocks and roots


Golspie starts with a lovely singletrack climb. Then if you continue on the black route the climbing gets harder. Rich described it as "improbable looking but satisfyingly ridable". When it eventually becomes doubletrack to make the final climb you don't feel bad at all. The summit is very scenic, with views along white sand beaches. The black descent starts innocuously with berms, some small rollable jumps and some more technical rock ladders. A section of what looks like smooth rollers from a distance turn out to be rocky and steep. After the trail crosses over the deer fence on some northshore (with railings) the trail really starts to get technical although most of the sneak lines are rideable by mere mortals. The technicality increases until you are crying for mercy and doubting your riding skills. Rejoining the red is almost a relief, though there are still some black options and the trail is still excellent. It continues all the way down to the car park. Is this the best trail centre in the UK?

Rating: 4, "Among the best riding in the UK".
Added: 2014-03-15 , Last updated: 2014-03-15
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