Rocks and roots

Sherwood Pines

It starts well, with some flowing trail out of the car park. Then the mud started. Gooey mud that destroys your flow and occasionally forces you to walk over bits. There were some dry bits, but there were no fun trail features - berms, jumps, drop-offs etc. In fact, some of the corners may well have been off-camber. And some of the waymarks seemed to be missing, leaving you guessing. It feels like they've just way-marked the exisiting network of singletrack without considering the effect of thousands of extra bike wheels or doing any innovative trail building. The bike park is a bit more promising, and there clearly is more single track to explore if you don't mind getting lost. In general, if you're from East Anglia, save yourself the drive and go to Thetford - the trails there are better maintained and more fun. If you're not from East Anglia, then there's a lot better riding somewhere nearer to you!

Rating: 1, "Terrible route - avoid!".
Added: 2014-03-15 , Last updated: 2014-03-15
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